Printable alphabet worksheets – upper and lower case

This is a set of free printable upper and lower case alphabet sheets that you can use with your child for colouring or to make an alphabet display.

26 letters is a lot to remember – especially because the upper and lower cases can look different.

To help your little one learn to recognise all the letters of the alphabet so they can get started with phonics, you’ll want to do a variety of letter formation and letter recognition activities with them.

These upper & lower case alphabet printables can help you do that.

What can you do with these upper & lower case alphabet worksheets

Each letter will print out on a single page, so you can print them all in advance or one at a time as you teach each sound.

This post will show you how to teach your child the alphabet. >

You can use these printed sheets as alphabet colouring sheets or as worksheets for your child to practise copying each letter or drawing pictures to match – an apple on the letter ‘a’ sheet and a snake on the letter ‘s’ sheet, for example.

upper and lower case alphabet practise

By coloring in or using one sheet at a time, you can build up a display of the whole upper & lower case alphabet, which will be useful for recapping what you already covered together – and a fun reminder of how much your child has learned.

More resources for learning the alphabet

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upper and lower case alphabet sheets

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How to get your free upper & lower case letters printables

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