Free printable worksheets for teaching your child the number four

These free number four worksheets will help you teach your child to write and recognise the number four.

If you’d like to teach your child to recognise the number four so they can understand it and use 4 in counting and calculations, you’ll want to do lots of number formation and number recognition activities with them.

These worksheets for four can help you do that.

Let’s quickly talk about how – but if you just want the printables right now, you can scroll to the bottom.

Options for using these printables

Four’s a fun number to learn and most kids can count to four when they’re still very little – probably before you’d be likely to use a worksheet with them.

This happens because kids learn to count by saying the numbers 1-10 when they hear others doing so. Often, we praise them for it and that encourages them to keep going.

But, honestly, that’s just saying words in a particular order (it takes a while to get the order right, too) – they hear us say them, they repeat.

Which is great – it’s rewarding for the child and they’re starting to learn numbers.

But they really ARE just saying words. It doesn’t mean much yet.

They don’t understand what numbers mean yet, so as time goes on, you need to teach them a few more skills – such as number recognition, number formation (writing numbers correctly) and counting sets of numbers correctly.

You can use these number four worksheets to teach your child to recognise the number four and to write it – and to count groups of items correctly.

free printable worksheets for number 4

Another fun use for these free number four worksheets is as a guide for active learning – learning the same concepts but without having to write on a printable sheet if that’s not your child’s thing.

It’s a helpful way to use learning printables if you’re wondering WHAT to teach but you don’t actually want to do pencil-and-paper work if you don’t have to.

How to use these printables for the number four in active learning

So what might active learning look like? Let’s think through what your child’s doing with these worksheets:

For the number formation worksheet, you can use that to teach your child how to form the number 4 correctly.

They’ll see that they need to write four by starting at the top and following the arrow down in a straight line and then to the right – and then making the cross stroke.

But there’s no need to write it on a sheet of paper.

You can write numbers in the dirt with a stick, on a dry-wipe board, with a finger in a tray of lentils – or even paint them or use giant chalk outside.

It’s the same task – and it’s worth doing it a variety of different ways – so your child gets plenty of practice of each number without it getting boring.

Number dig activity

And for the sheet with the number-search grid, you can replace that coloring task with a number-hunt activity where you hide a bunch of numbers in sand or playdough or something and say,

“Hey, can you find all the number fours?”

You’ll see whether they recognise four just the same that way. (Use upturned Uno cards for a variation of this.)

When you want them to count sets of objects correctly, instead of coloring they could count groups of toy dinosaurs, or apples on a plate or bottles on a shelf.

They’ll be learning a new skill, you’ll see whether they can do it yet – and it won’t even feel like work.

And if your child does like to use worksheets – and you like to have them as a record of their learning – you’ll find worksheets like these for all the numbers to ten in my free resource library.

More resources for you and your little learners

Here at Kiddiesaurus, I make a lot of free printable resources to help you teach your child – but we also do a lot of learning through play and dinosaur-themed activities.

Does that sound fun?

number 4 worksheets free printable

If it does you can also follow me on Instagram for daily kids’ activities and learning ideas that usually include dinosaurs.

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How to download your free number four printables

All these printables are available for you to download right now from my resource library click here to go to the resource library now – or there’s a link in the footer of most pages on the site, so you can keep browsing if you like 🙂

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