Welcome to the Kiddiesaurus Free Resource Library

Hello, hello! Welcome to the resource library.

Until recently, you had to sign up to my email list to get the password to this library, but now it’s open to everyone.

All the free printable worksheets and quite a few other resources are linked up under the headings below. Feel free to download any of these pdf documents for your own personal use.

Not ALL my freebies are in here – a few are linked under the Freebies tab and those ones are bonus gifts for my email subscribers.

Fun, fast reading

Okay, on to the printables…

These are the literacy resources:

Dinosaur-themed worksheets for every letter of the alphabet

These worksheets are for practising reading and writing the letters of the alphabet.

If you’re looking for the SATPIN worksheets, they’re in here.

Each letter has at least one worksheet in this folder.

Satpin worksheets & all the alphabet...
a to z printable worksheets
...at least 1 per letter

Why not create an alphabet display?

Your choice of alphabet display is just waiting for your child’s colouring skills…

Help your kiddo get familiar with the small letters...
...and the capitals too
...or want both at once? You can have that too!

Flashcards? No problem...

Flex those early reading muscles with alphabet and common words flashcards.

Dolch words as flashcards right here
...and the alphabet so you can work on those sounds
prereading skills checklist
What your little human needs to learn before they learn to read.
Did they actually understand what they read - or what you read? Let's find out...

But let's not forget about numbers...

Ready for some fun, fast maths? I thought so. Here are a bunch of free resources to get you started.

Yes, more flashcards - but numbers to 20 this time...
...and make a number display if you like

Try these odd and even number patterns

It’s basically a free pattern to make your very own home-made numicon. Great for understanding odd vs even and adding and taking away.

Templates to make home-made number patters...
...like these but neater (you'll need to add your own sparkly card and gem stickers)

And your little dino will love to count to 10 with these prehistoric worksheets

4 sheets and lots of dinosaurs make each number a dino feast of fun…

Worksheets for every number from zero to ten...
number 6 worksheets free printable
...that look a lot like these.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting.