Free printable letter M worksheets with dinosaurs

This is a set of four free printable letter m worksheets.

It’s perfect for kids who’re starting school and learning the alphabet – or for preschoolers who’re ready to find out about sounds and letters.

And because we love all things dinosaur around here, these printables all include dinosaurs to engage your little one even more.

You can find the download link below.

How to use these free letter m printables

When your child’s learning the alphabet at the beginning of phonics, they need to learn to recognise each letter and also to write it correctly.

Doing activities with your child where they will need to look at letters and remember them or write or model them – are great ways to develop these skills.

You’ll probably do a lot of this through play and these worksheets for the letter M will help.

There’s an upper and lower case letter M colouring worksheet, a ‘trace and match M worksheet’ where they match the letter M to objects beginning with that sound and a ‘find the letter M’ activity where they have to pick out one letter among many.

And for my little dino lovers, there’s also an ‘M is for…’ sheet with some dinosaurs that begin with M.

In addition, the worksheets all include opportunities to color, which is good fine motor control practice that many children enjoy.

letter m free printables

What do we do with the letter M dinosaur sheet?

If this is the beginning of learning phonics, your kiddo probably won’t be able to read those looooooong dinosaur names yet.

So why include them?

Well, kids need to learn to associate new sounds with words that begin with that letter (or group of letters) – and if they’re already into dinosaurs, that’s a great way to engage them.

See if they can name a few more dinosaurs for each sound – some of them are hard!

(And as your little one builds their phonics knowledge, you might find they start trying to read and write the names of their favourite dinosaurs.)

That page is also there for fun – because fun’s important too.

Need more for learning sounds and the alphabet?

We’ll be creating printable worksheets like these for all the letters of the alphabet and numbers too. Follow the links below for more resources.

free printable alphabet worksheets letter m

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Ready to download your worksheets for letter M?

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