First 100 sight words printable flashcards

When your little one starts learning to read they’ll most likely be focusing on phonics – and that’s a good thing because with phonics they can attempt ANY word they meet.

The problem is that English is an irregular language and some words are difficult or impossible to sound out – especially at the beginning of phonics learning. (Just think about all those ‘ough’ words like cough and dough.)

These words are often called sight words and children learn to recognise them in text without sounding out.

(Well, to be fair, they’ll always try to sound out of they’re learning phonics unless you tell them not to. It just won’t be very helpful with some words.)

This set of the Dolch first 100 words flashcards is free to download and use to give your child practise of reading tricky words.

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What to I do with my free sight words cards pdf?

Need a few ideas for how to use the 100 words cards? No problem!

Using flashcards to practise tricky words is a great idea – and some kids even love playing ‘schools’ or being the teacher. But there are other ways you can make word practice a fun activity – like the games below.

first 100 words cards printable

#1  Print and use as reading flashcards

….obviously you can print them out on card (or laminate) for durability and create a pack of cards you can flip through asking your child to read each word.

#2  Phone friendly sight words flashcards

But if you prefer, you can download the flashcards to your phone or tablet and flick to and fro through the file to challenge your child (save it to your books app). This is especially handy if you’re out and about and need a quick activity to keep your child amused.

Use the ‘big’ version of the file if you want to use it on your phone.

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#3  Games – word snap or pairs

You can play snap with the cards if  you make a double set – or why not try playing a pairs matching game like pelmenism? Simply place the cards face down on a table and take turns to pick up two cards and read the words on each one.  If you pick up a matching pair, you keep it – and if they don’t match you try to remember where you place each one so you can create a pair later in the game.

first 100 words flashcards

What to do next with reading flashcards?

free printable 100 sight words cards

Once you’ve tried these printable sight word cards, try my other reading printables or check us out on YouTube.

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