Teaching your child should be fun

Yes. Really.

Because if you’re not both enjoying it, it’s not going to work.

Learning should be something that happens all the time, in everything you do – and includes the things you love.

Does that sound impossible? I promise it’s not – and I’ll show you how.

I’m Sheena and I was a primary school teacher for over ten years.

Kiddiesaurus is the place for you if you’re teaching your preschool & new-in-school kids at home.

Right here I create resources and guides to help you teach your own kids – so you can teach them in a way that’s fun for them and easy for you.

Especially if those kids happen to love dinosaurs. (But that’s not essential.)

Because teaching can be a little overwhelming…

What does your child even need to learn?

What kind of activities will help them learn it?

How will you know when they’ve got it?

And then what’s next?

All of that is what I’m here to help you with

It’s about ideas you can do together to learn and have fun at the same time – and knowing the benefits of what you do every day.

And there are dinosaurs…

We include dinosaurs in our activities whenever it makes sense – not all the time because that’d be weird – to make them more fun.

Because dinosaurs grab little kids’ attention, intrigue them and get them on board with doing, well, most things.

And if your child’s on board – if they’re interested and they WANT to do something – then you’re halfway there already.

How can I help?

Here are some of our resources to get you started.